Sandy FeetHas summer taken a toll on your feet? Rough cement at the bottom of pools and around them. Running around barefoot, in flip flops, or in sandals. Your heels might be getting dry, your nails chipped.

Even with a weekly pedicure, you could be doing a smidge of prevention that goes a long way to foot health (and looks).

Keep skin moisturized with coconut oil. It has some antimicrobial properties that even help with nail help. You can crank it up a notch by adding a bit of colloidal silver to the mix to support healthy feet.

If being moisturized isn’t enough to hold back how dry they are, spend a few minutes scraping off dead skin. Dead skin is the perfect food for a fungal infection. Then start over with moistuirizing.

And keep your shoes from being a problem. Whether you soak them on a hike or at the pool, keep them from smelling moldy with Smelly Shoe Spray. Moisture (from sweat or weather) is another key ingredient to Athlete’s Foot.

Drink lots of water—to keep hydrated, and to help skin stay plush. Exercising and keeping stress low will also help keep your sweat from stinking.

And be creative! Love tennis? Running? If you don’t have fancy ultra breathable shoes, use Smelly Shoe Spray to help preserve them and prevent odors. If you love camping, use it to keep your fabrics fresh. If you let germs in, your feet are prime ground for an infection. Easy to get nicks, and easy to come into contact with pathogens.

And what happens next? Mild foot infections and inflammation are easy to miss or neglect. So if you’re not the pedicure type, keep an eye on your feet for redness, swelling, and pain—even mild pain you may miss.

It’s another reason to support your immune system with colloidal silver. For the little battles you don’t even notice it’s fighting.

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