Silver Up—Your Coworkers Are Sick

INSIDE THIS ARTICLE: in 4 Americans always go to work when they’re sick (and however many more go sometimes, or attend until they’re too sick to work).

It doesn’t mean they’re completely inconsiderate. Many employers expect employees to work while sick, whether or not they have paid sick leave.

But it does mean you need to support your immune system year round. From winter flu to summer illnesses like head colds work can become a hotbed of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.

-If you eat at your desk/in your work area, wash your hands first and don’t set food directly on work surfaces.

-Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

-Take time on your days off to plan healthy meals. Bright fruits and veggies have the most nutritional value (and lots of antioxidants).

-Consider supplementing with a multivitamin for busy days (after all, if you can’t take a sick day you probably also have times where you can’t get a healthy meal).

-For an added boost take colloidal silver. It can help support your immune system—especially when the cubical next to you is sneezing so hard the wall is shaking.

-Make sure that you’re resting during your time off. Sleep, de-stress, and if you can, work in some exercise (it will help you fall asleep later AND ease stress).

Do germs spread around your office?


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