When people say the words “skin care”, they usually mean your face and the skin on your chest exposed by your shirt line. But the rest of your skin could benefit from some TLC, too!

Here’s when and how to give some extra care to other areas:

Your scalp, behind your ears, and the bottom back of your head could probably use some exfoliating. A clean washcloth should be enough, but if your skin is dry from winter, oiled from sunscreen and lotions, or extra stressed (like if you shave the back of your neck regularly, or wear hair up, or have a collar or jewelry that irritates it), it might need more attention. Since we don’t see it, you might not realize that there’s inflammation happening. Adjust the severity of your skin routine to accommodate these also sensitive areas.

Your back is another place you can’t see that might need more help. Think about it—because you can’t reach it, it probably gets sunburned more often (and more severely), gets less exfoliation during showers, and is at risk for skin problems (moles, acne) you can’t see or reach. A yearly mole check helps with a lot of that, but on a daily basis you can offer it a little more attention and effort when scrubbing (reach it by stretching a wash cloth diagonally across your back). For a follow up, you can spray colloidal silver (it helps skin both from burns, and with inflammation/acne).

In other areas, you might get razor burn on your skin. Redness, bumps, pain and irritation can not only hurt, they make areas stand out (and not in a good way). Make sure you’re using a sharp razor, then soothe the area with a bit of aloe, and/or colloidal silver (try our colloidal silver skin cream for an all-in-one soother).

Don’t forget hands and feet! Both get more sun than you’d expect, so apply a little sunscreen to them each day before heading out, and some skin supporting lotion at the end of your day.

Give skin anywhere some extra support against cracks, burns, and more with colloidal silver.

Where does your skin need more attention?


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