Depending on where you live, it either feels like we’re pretty squarely in spring, or you’ve had a bunch of snow dumped on you (or other precipitation). In both scenarios, your boots probably need a touch up.

If you’ve had lots of severe weather, your warm, waterproof shoes have probably seen a lot of use. But all that waterproof warmth also means they keep in heat and moisture, AKA sweat and smell. Enjoying spring? If you’re thinking about packing away your winter boots, do a little prep to help make sure they come out of your closet fresh next fall.

For a quick way to freshen them up that’s almost no work, try Smelly Shoe Spray. With a very short list of recognizable ingredients, it helps keep odor away. A quick burst of peppermint and some colloidal silver helps push back against odor anytime you like. Want to be confident when you take your shoes off at someone’s house? Have a little Smelly Shoe Spray in your bag. Peeling off your boots after a long hike or shoveling snow? Keep musty shoe smell out of your house with a bottle by the door. And keeping a bottle by the door is a nice way to help guests feel more comfortable.

One thing many don’t realize is that many nicer brands will tell you upfront that your shoes will last longer if you don’t wear them two days in a row (especially leather). Letting them breath and dry for a day is usually recommended. You can improve that process (or just compensate for when it doesn’t work out) by using Smelly Shoe Spray.

And don’t forget to clean the outside of your shoes before putting them away. A simple wipe down works for many shoe types, but for leather/suede look for a manufacturer recommended cleanser and conditioner.

It only takes a few minutes (or a second if you’re just using Smelly Shoe Spray) to do a little shoe care, and the benefits are both immediate (no sniffing around to find where that smell is coming from!) and long-term (your shoes stay in better repair!). And once you realize how well Smelly Shoe Spray works, you start to find lots of uses for it around the house beyond shoes.

Are you feeling spring weather, or digging out of snow? Tell us about it in the comments!


Mesosilver® Colloidal Silver

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