Stay Ahead of Changing Weather with Smelly Shoe Spray


There are some places where wearing layers is normal, you may start your day with a drizzle and end it in a high humid heat. For the rest of the country, this winter may be making everyone a little crazy. Some areas have extreme lows—inside it’s warm, outside it’s well below freezing. Other areas are getting random snow for a day or two, then a taste of warm weather. Is your wardrobe keeping up?

Go from hot to cold and back again more gracefully with Smelly Shoe Spray. Because the truth is, even if it’s cold out, being active when you’re all bundled up leads to sweat. So does going from a cold car to a warm house. Or just dressing for the weather, then finding that wherever you are is a little too well heated. And sometimes the weather can take you by surprise if you aren’t checking the report.

Smelly Shoe Spray can be used on shoes in advance, to cut down existing germs and odor, and to lay some colloidal silver for germ fighting prevention. It can be used on shoes at the door when you peel them off, to mask the odor of having just shoveled or walked in. Smelly Shoe Spray can even be used on things other than shoes, like pet bedding or fabrics that don’t easily go into a washing machine (always do a test patch first).

With a quick burst of peppermint, Smelly Shoe Spray does the real work of odor fighting with germ killing colloidal silver. Whether you sweat through socks or don’t wear them, colloidal silver knocks out the bacteria, viruses and even fungi that might try and take root.

Keep a bottle of Smelly Shoe Spray on hand for your own confidence, or put a bottle by your door for guests. It will help keep things fresh as this weird winter moves toward a (hopefully) warm spring.

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MesosilverĀ® Colloidal Silver

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