Flu season will keep going a couple more months, and in case your respiratory system isn’t being worked over enough, allergies are starting to spring up. The dampness/mold melting snow leaves behind, the early bloomers, everyone’s pets spending more time indoors and more may be working together to trigger runny noses and clogged sinuses.


First, be sure it’s allergies and not cold or flu. Being sick with a virus will also bring fatigue, aches, and fever. You may even notice that viral tingle in your eyes, gums/teeth, or throat, depending. If it’s the flu, symptoms will usually come on suddenly. If it’s a virus, skip straight to rest and immune support (like colloidal silver).

Allergies can be trickier, especially at this time of year when they’re usually mild. A sudden runny nose or congestion may not be flu, it might just be a reaction to something in the air, or on the plate (especially from produce shipped up from South America, where it’s summer–remember to thoroughly wash/rinse). Take it easy, and watch for fatigue and fever.

Whether it’s allergies or an infection, alleviate symptoms with a sinus flood. Following the sinus flood procedure (using colloidal silver) can help to make breathing easier, push back on discomfort, and generally reduce sinus symptoms. More thorough than a sinus rinse with a neti pot, a sinus flood reaches deep into your sinuses (front and back) then soaks loose mucus (as well as allergens that might be triggering it).

Then you might want to do a little more. At this time of year when everything is going around, and there are already lingering coughs and runny noses, add in allergies and there’s a risk of secondary infections (sinus, ear, or lungs). Pneumonia is particularly threatening. Take some preventative step: make sure you’re removing mucus, keep up immune support (like colloidal silver) and consider pairing it with your nebulizer. Even if you don’t feel well, you can still work to keep it from getting worse! Make it easier on yourself by staying prepared with colloidal silver, a sinus flooding kit, and maybe a nebulizer.

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