Elderly man with appleAn interesting new study has found a link between pneumonia and dementia. Elderly hospital patients who had an infection like pneumonia were twice as likely to develop dementia… and it doesn’t stop there, patients with dementia are at a higher risk for pneumonia, which can worsen dementia…

While no one wants to get sick to begin with, the elderly clearly need extra protection in order to break the cycle—And that means strengthening their immune systems. While antibiotics are often given as prevention, this almost always causes more problems than it solves. Nursing homes are a hot spot for new superbugs, and the reason is antibiotics are overused. Plus, there are side-effects to overusing antibiotics, like killing off good, protective bacteria.

We need to protect our older relatives. Talk to them, take them for walks, make sure they’re getting probiotics (fermented food or a supplement) and vitamins and minerals, as well as immune support like colloidal silver. And encourage good practices when people get sick—keep anyone with fever or a cough away from others with a weakened immune system.

Finally, here’s a twist: although there may be problems with statins (a reported risk to kidneys as well as cataracts, to name a few) taking statins, and taking higher doses, seems to prevent dementia. There’s no research as to the why, but there does seem to be a strong link. It’s a good reminder nothing is black and white!

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