It may be spring, but cold, dry weather is still popping up, and that means cold and flu season (as well as other seasonal viruses, like RSV, strep, and more) are still going around. In fact, many areas are reporting double the hospitalizations as last year!

About half of severe flu-like cases have hit the under 25 crowd (sometimes considered another sign of a bad flu season), and the other half has hit those ages 55 and up. The very young and the very old, as subsets of those two groups, are at even more risk than usual. 

So stop viruses from spreading. Hand washing is the first, best defense, just make sure you’re doing it right. To be effective, rub your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. Ideally, you should wash before and after eating, after being in public, and always before handling food and after using the bathroom.

Adding some humidity to your house helps with household transmission. A little extra or more thorough cleaning can help stop infection (especially recurrent infection!); throw away toothbrushes after illness, clean surfaces (floors, walls) in a wider area than you would guess, and find the best way to freshen the soft surfaces in your house.

If a virus gets through, make sure you have immune support. You already know the basic steps: good nutrition, a good night’s sleep, and exercise. You can get an extra layer of support from a supplement like colloidal silver.

Has this season of viruses been bad for you? Share in the comments:


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