Whooping cough cases are cropping up. It’s a highly contagious disease, so that pretty much guarantees more. Whooping cough is dangerous for people with weakened immune systems, especially children, so working together to stop the outbreak is essential.

Caused by the virus pertussis, whooping cough is preventable by vaccine. Since the pertussis vaccine wears out over time, a booster is strongly recommended (it’s often paired with boosters for tetanus and diphtheria, which are also serious diseases). When adults get the boosters at regular intervals, they get protection while simultaneously protecting the weakest people around them.

For adults, whooping cough can be nearly symptomless, or like a bad cold. For young kids, a runny nose and a deep cough that pushes all the air out of the lungs, leading to the telltale “whoop” as air is sucked back in is more common. This often leads to no breathing, turning blue, and potentially severe complications as breathing passages become blocked with infection and struggle against a cough to get enough air.

Basic illness prevention also goes a long way. Keep yourself healthy by supporting your immune system with sleep, healthy food, exercise, and colloidal silver (for an immune system boost). You can try and avoid sick people, but that’s almost impossible. Instead, just do the right thing yourself and stay home when sick. If you are otherwise healthy with a strong immune system, it may be just a cold to you, but to someone else it may be a much more severe illness.

Take care of yourself to help stop the whooping cough outbreak, including by taking colloidal silver.

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