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One of the most common uses for colloidal silver over the millennia is in wound healing, and it’s still a common (mainstream, even!) usage of silver today. From cuts and scrapes to maybe the most common type of skin wound—acne—colloidal silver can help support healing so you can have clear, healthy skin.

You can use colloidal silver proactively, spraying it on clean skin, or use it selectively, targeting blemishes, moistening bandages, or helping burns. While colloidal copper and colloidal silica support skin by replenishing needed nutrients, colloidal silver supports and protects skin as it heals.

Here are some ideas on how to get the most out of colloidal silver:

When skin can gets stuck in a breakout cycle break it up with support from colloidal silver. Soap can be too damaging, and exfoliating can help, but not if the problem is more than surface deep (like with hormone-triggered breakouts). Try a gentler approach to supporting skin as it heals with a spritz of colloidal silver.

During winter, skin can crack and peel, leading to deeper cracks, a higher risk of infection, and discomfort. Add a little silver to help skin heal (you can even spray it over/under your favorite lotion/oil).

Small kitchen burns from that recipe you only cook once a year are ideal for the support of colloidal silver. Once cooled, just add a little colloidal silver to the bandage.

Compared to over-the-counter silver products, colloidal silver is a better choice (and cheaper than the pre-made bandages!). Why? Colloidal silver is simple and safe: it’s just pure silver nanoparticles (not ions) suspended in water. Other skin products have a ton more ingredients, increasing the odds of an allergic reaction. Don’t make a red spot worse by triggering an allergic reaction that turns your skin blotchy and red. (While some people do have silver allergies, it’s far rarer than other metals and chemicals).

Get started with the healing skin support of colloidal silver today.


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