Support Skin Health With A DIY Bath


bath manWinter is almost over, and that means the thick, bulky layers are about to come off to be replaced by swimsuits—showing off all your lovely skin.

But if your skin needs a little help? Maybe winter has left you dry, or you have chronic problems like eczema, acne (especially body acne!), or, come sweaty summer, athlete’s foot (or other yeasty rashes). You may have tried any number of creams, but how about tackling all the problems with a nice relaxing bath?

Of course, for ten or more dollars a pop you can get a bath ball that will address some of those problems—or you can join the DIY movement and, for a little money at the outset, address many of those problems with as many baths as you want.

Here’s your bath time skin care checklist:

-Colloidal Oatmeal. This is great if you have skin problems like eczema, or a viral outbreak (shingles, etc.). It will soothe skin irritation and ease your discomfort.

If you have a good blender or food processor, just chuck some in and grind until it’s powder. Otherwise, add oatmeal to your bath in a tea strainer so it doesn’t end up clogging your drain.

Colloidal Silver. All over acne? Recurrent foot/groin/random outbreaks of fungal infections? Try adding a capful or two of colloidal silver to your bath. (If you have foot problems, get better concentration out of your capful by just doing a foot bath). Alternately, order a handy sprayer and spray some colloidal silver on trouble areas post-bath.

-Coconut or Olive oil. Add it to your bath or apply afterwards, and get your skin soft for summer. Since these are food (basically), I strongly recommend pairing them with colloidal silver so they don’t feed/encourage pathogens (it’s a better combo than cheap plastic-y lotions that don’t rub in or “natural” ones with horrible preservatives).

-Bonus: a few drops of your favorite scent (lavender oil, for instance).

Are you preparing your skin for summer?


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