The discovery of stealth viruses may lead to new innovations for fighting viruses like the common cold, norovirus, and more. Or it could lead to an appreciation of what’s been working for centuries, like immune supporting colloidal silver.

What’s a stealth virus? According to a new discovery, some viruses cluster into spheres (called vesicles, which have a lipid bilayer protecting them), and become hard for the immune system to detect, allowing them to sneak in in larger numbers and overwhelm the cells they are infecting.

Which viruses can do this? It’s a newer realization, but viruses that we know so far include both Norovirus and rotavirus (which cause severe gastrointestinal illness and can be deadly in third world countries), polio, and the common cold.

This stealth feature explains how some viruses are able to be so virulent. It also signals that there’s still a lot we don’t know about how viruses work, and that the future may hold a lot for better treatments and prevention.

Now, though, just keep doing what you’re doing and support your immune system with colloidal silver. There’s a reason that colloidal silver has been used for centuries (up until the invention of cheaper antibiotics) to help support the immune system! Nanoparticles like silver can cross a lipid bilayer because of how small they are; they don’t have to be triggered to act the way the immune system does (if you’re taking it for daily support); and they have minimal or no side-effects (baring allergies).

That extra layer of daily immune support that colloidal silver offers can really make a difference! When the weather starts changing, virus season will pick up. Make sure you’ve got back-up from colloidal silver!

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