Survey Says: Americans Underestimate The Flu


Sick GuyFamilies Fighting Flu is a non-profit group that does just what it says. And according to their most recent survey, many Americans underestimate how serious the flu is, and how many people are seriously affected by it each year.

The CDC emphasizes getting a flu vaccine each year. According to CiDRAP, the flu vaccine is 60-70% effective (Up to 80% in best cases—healthy young adults).

After that, everyone needs to stay vigilant about flu prevention. While otherwise healthy young adults don’t have much to fear if they get the flu, others they may go around may be more seriously threatened by the flu (it’s not exactly polite to ask grandma if she’s got complicating health risks other than just being old—best just to take the most conservative approach when we get sick and stay home!).

Prevent The Flu:

-Wash Hands Thoroughly And Often (trying singing the alphabet or “Happy Birthday” to yourself).

-Cough or sneeze into your elbow, not your hands.

-Run a humidifier. If you get sick it helps loosen mucus, if someone else is sick it helps prevent flu transmission.

-Feel yourself getting sick? Slow down. Stop, even. Let your immune system focus on fighting off the illness. And if you actually get sick? Stay home, stay in bed, and drink lots of clear fluids.

-Remember: The flu is a respiratory illness. There’s also stomach flu this time of year—and fighting it off is very similar. Wash hands frequently, especially before handling food.

-Support your immune system! Good nutrition, immune support like colloidal silver, getting enough sleep, and drinking enough water are all extra important at this time of year.

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