Sick Woman And PartnerCold and flu season is over, but there’s still plenty of viral illnesses to go around.

Walking pneumonia has been increasingly diagnosed these past two summers (a trendy way to diagnose common symptoms? Symptoms are stronger so more people are seeing a doctor? Or the virus is more prolific?) and this summer will probably be more of the same. Plus, summer is the time for head colds and sinus infections.

So, a quick reminder on how to take care of yourself if you catch one of these viruses this summer:

1) Stay home, don’t be a hero. Work will get by without you, but if you get the whole office sick, things might actually slow down. And you’ll be sick longer if you don’t rest and take care of yourself.

2) Drink plenty of fluids. You can’t really take anything for a cold (most cold remedies are poor-quality vitamins in fancy packaging—if you want, try a high-quality multivitamin instead!). Adding honey to hot tea or water can also be helpful. If you have phlegm, add some lemon, too.

3) Support your immune system. Rest when you’re sick, but don’t just wait until you’re sick! Rest, exercise, and good nutrition can help prevent you getting sick by supporting your immune system. You can also support your immune system with a supplement like colloidal silver.

4) Try a sinus flood—if you’ve got tons of congestion, you can loosen it up.

5) Save yourself a co-pay: doctors can’t do anything for a mild viral infection. Unless you have a high fever or are sick longer than a week, you’re on your own. But if you do have severe or persistent symptoms, see a doctor.

What other home remedies do you use for a viral infection?


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