Cleaning Up LeavesTrees are now shot with yellow, and what was a gradual build-up of leaves is quickly becoming a pile worthy of a cannon-ball.

If you have allergies, you can probably feel (in your sinuses) every leaf as it falls, crunches, and rots, releasing allergens into the air. You feel it as you sniffle it back, feel the drip down your throat, cough and hack at that trickle, and eventually deal with the infection that much congestion causes. It might be as simple as a sinus infection, but could be as complex as bronchitis (thanks to that throat drip).

The first step is prevention, and clearing leaves and other yard debris away as quickly as it appears. Although it may seem like a good idea, keep in mind that spraying pesticides or herbicides around your yard might make things worse (of course, this is debatable, but people who think they’ve experienced it feel pretty sure).

Next, make sure the indoors are a safe place. Replace filters, deep clean your dust bunnies, check your detectors, take your shoes off. Shoes can track all those allergens indoors. Nervous about unmasking your feet? Make sure you’ve got Smelly Shoe Spray on hand.

Feel the drip starting? Don’t wait—do a sinus flood (or rinse).

For an allergy-focused sinus rinse, add some colloidal silver to your neti pot (remember, never ever put tap water up your nose—bottled water, boiled then cooled water, or colloidal silver are all safe).

If you feel like you need to go all-in, try a sinus flood. When you do a sinus flood, you hang your head off a couch or bed, and let the mucus loosen up before expelling it all (have a rag on hand). If you wait until you have a sinus infection, clearing mucus with a sinus flood can take a few tries to unlodge everything (and be really, really gross).

Don’t wait until you’re sick to order a sinus flooding kit. Prevention of any form works so much better than fighting against something that’s already started. And if you get caught with the sniffles, clearing your sinuses before grabbing some rest can be essential to getting better quickly.

Ready for fall? (Not until you’ve got a sinus flooding kit ready to go!)


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