Black SandalsWhether you’re worried about Athlete’s foot, off-putting smell, the deterioration of your most comfortable shoes, or developing unsightly feet, maybe it’s time for a summer foot refresher. Spend half an hour to get increased comfort, better smell and a better aesthetic:

Feet First!

If you’re active this summer going for hikes, playing golf or tennis, or just getting out and enjoying the sun, you might be worried about getting Athlete’s foot. Let’s kick it to the curb:

-Reduce dead skin on your feet—buff them with a pumice stone post shower a few minutes each day, wear socks and thick lotion at night, or just hit a salon for a pedicure. Dead skin attracts/feeds fungus.

-Similarly, reduce sweat: wear appropriate shoes, and pick socks that will encourage as much “breathing” as possible. Moisture is breeding ground for fungus.

-Try filing instead of clipping. If you’re prone to nail fungus (yellow or other visual problems) try filing instead of clipping. You’ll get a better length (nails that are too short can get a fungal infection more easily), as well as a better shape, and softer edges.

Make Sure Your Shoes Aren’t A Problem:

-Don’t wear the same pair two days in a row—let the sweat dry out.

-Give shoes a refresher with Smelly Shoe Spray. It’s crisp peppermint scent and the antimicrobial power of colloidal silver will fight bad smells (like those caused by fungus).

-Need a bigger cleaning? Line the bottom of your shoe with baking soda and let soak a few days to pull out odor and grime. The give them a preemptive spritz of Smelly Shoe Spray to keep odors away.

Foot Sores?

-If you wore the wrong shoes for a hike, or had problems breaking in a new pair, you might have blisters or cuts. An epsom salt foot bath will help heal your feet (and be a nice treat). You can even add a bit of essential oil (like lavender to relax, or eucalyptus, peppermint, or a citrus).

What foot and shoe tricks do you use during sweaty summer months?


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