If you’ve picked up a Sinus Flooding Kit from Colloids for Life, then you’ve already got directions. But experience can help it go easier, especially since you’re not likely to be feeling great. Here are some been-there-done-that tips on making sure your sinus flood works right for you.

First, a quick word for anyone who hasn’t heard of a sinus flood. You might already know about a sinus rinse, which is a quick pour with a neti pot through a not-too-bad nose.

A sinus flood goes deeper, and does more; you flip your head upside down and soak out your sinuses. Never ever should you put straight tap water in your nose, if you use water, either choose purified bottled water or boiled and then cooled water. Or make things easier and use colloidal silver (through in a little Xylitol to adjust the pH balance).

So, here are some tips (in addition to the instructions) to make sure that everything goes smoothly:

-The first sinus flood you ever do is going to be the hardest. It’s not the most pleasant experience, but once you know what to expect, it’s not too bad. To make it go faster, pick two favorite songs that last about three minutes (or whatever length you’re doing), they can be your cue and something to focus on.

When you’re preparing the mixture of Xylitol and colloidal silver, if you’re not sure how much to mix, error on the side of more Xylitol. In a pinch, you can use salt, but it’s not as good.

-During a sinus flood you spend three-ish minutes with your face looking out, then roll and get the front of your sinuses as you look back. Practice the rollover before you begin, so there’s less spill (and make sure you have a spare towel on the floor). It also helps to have a tissue within reach because when you roll, mucus may shift and come out. Have another 2 or 3 tissues at hand for when you’re all done.

-Pick a position where your neck is comfortable on a soft surface, and be careful not to overextend your neck.

-While it’s easier to do a sinus flood with a little help, you’re going by feeling more than sight, so it’s not too hard to do by yourself.
-Before you drip colloidal silver into your nose, start mouth breathing. Take a few breaths, and mentally adjust to your nose is blocked up.

-Don’t skip the most important step: the second sinus rinse. The first one will loosen things up, and you might feel your nose react by making more mucus. But it’s pretty loose and comes out easily. The second sinus rinse is where you’ll notice the most relief since it can penetrate more deeply.


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