Having just come off a cold, let me tell you everything I did to get through it.

My cold was mild: it started with mild fatigue, low-grade fever, and swollen tonsils. It progressed to a slightly runny nose, moderate fatigue, and phlegm. The phlegm caused a little throat irritation. The worst part was I had a very stiff neck throughout. (All this over a couple of days).

The first thing I did was up how much colloidal silver I was taking. Whenever my stomach was empty, I took a capful.

Since my tonsils were swollen and it was uncomfortable, I made many, many cups of tea. I chose an herbal (decaf) tea with lots of citrus. I drank water too, but my appetite for water and food was down, and tea was much easier to drink. The heat and citrus really helped.

Even though I wasn’t hungry, I ate. I ate normally, and I snacked more than I would have otherwise. I had no nausea, and I think eating helped keep it that way—my stomach wasn’t just churning over mucus. Plus, it really cut against my fatigue. I also take Welltrient Trio daily and I needed food to keep taking it.

I napped. My energy was pretty good, but napping really helped fight back the feeling of being sick.

I also took my own advice. For my stiff neck, I either took a hot shower or a bath, and followed it up with Dakota Muscle Relief before bed. I only needed to do one sinus rinse before bed, at the peak of things, otherwise my nose wasn’t too runny.

That’s pretty much it. I was sick for less than a week, and it minimally interrupted my life.

How do you survive a cold?


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