Unlocking the Secrets of True Colloidal Silver: What You Need to Know



Welcome to the world of colloidal silver! You might have heard about its potential health benefits, but did you know that not all colloidal silver products are created equal? Let’s dive in and explore the world of true colloidal silver.

True colloidal silver products are the best of the best, but they’re also the least common on the market. Why? It’s because creating true colloidal silver is a complex process that requires high-quality materials and careful manufacturing techniques. The result is a product that’s well worth the extra cost.

So, what makes true colloidal silver so special? It’s all about the silver particles. In true colloids, the majority of the silver content is made up of these particles, typically over 50% (and often between 50-80%). The rest is made up of silver ions. When you’re shopping for colloidal silver, remember that the word “colloid” refers to silver particles.

The two most important factors to consider when you’re looking for true colloidal silver are the percentage of silver particles and the particle surface area. High particle surface area is achieved by a high percentage of silver particles combined with very small-sized particles. Of all the types of silver marketed as colloidal, true silver colloids have the highest particle surface area relative to the total silver content. This is important because particle surface area determines the effectiveness of the product. Higher conversion efficiencies are more desirable.

True silver colloids also have a unique ability to remain in colloidal suspension without requiring protein or other additives. This is thanks to the mutual repulsion of the particles created by the zeta potential charge. In other words, the particles repel each other, which keeps them uniformly distributed in the colloid.

When you’re shopping for true colloidal silver, keep in mind that it won’t look like clear water. Because of the high concentration of silver particles, true silver colloids are darker in color than other types of colloidal silver. This is because silver particles, even very small ones, block light from passing through.

But wait, there’s more! One of the biggest benefits of true colloidal silver is that it doesn’t cause argyria, a condition that can turn your skin blue-gray. This is because true silver colloids have a very low concentration of ionic silver and small particle size.

So, if you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to colloidal silver, go for true colloidal silver. It might be a bit pricier, but the benefits are well worth it.


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