Use Colloidal Silver For Keeping Pet’s Water Bowls Clean


Summer heat is the perfect opportunity for bacteria to flourish, and still water that is probably in your pets water bowl is the perfect place for bacterial growth, not only making pets sick but causing a lot of clean up for their owners!

Fortunately, adding a colloidal silver like MesoSilver to their water bowl will not only prevent bacterial growth, but support your dog or cat’s immune system. Colloidal silver for water purification has been around for a long time, and is no less effective today!

Of course, if you add a probiotic like yogurt to your pet’s food, it’s best they don’t have the colloidal silver at the same time. Here are some strategies to use colloidal silver for your pet’s health:

  • Dogs and cats need more water when it’s hot out, especially when they’re outdoors. Adding colloidal silver in outdoor water dishes is ideal for preventing bacterial growth encouraged by heat, as well as supporting your pets immune systems (especially if they like to explore/eat their surroundings!)
  • At meal times, replace the water in your pet’s bowl if it’s stale. If you add probiotics to your pet’s food, make sure to give them colloidal silver in water about 20 minutes before they eat, or after they have had time to digest.
  • Although humans enjoy ice cold water (and some dogs love munching ice), it can cause stomach cramps in pets. Cool but not cold water is ideal. Ice cold water may also cause colloidal silver to fall out of suspension, making it less effective.

Special Note: The bigger the dog, the more dangerous it can be to exercise after eating/drinking. Bloat, or gastric dilation, is the second leading killer of dogs and can strike before the owner realizes what’s happening. After dogs eat, exercising can cause the stomach to twist, creating a potentially fatal condition that requires immediate medical attention. Signs include an anxious dog or distended stomach.

Keep your pets healthy during warm summer months, and throughout the whole year by keeping their water bowl clean with colloidal silver!

How have your pets responded to the summer heat? Share your stories in the comments!


MesosilverĀ® Colloidal Silver

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