If you’re going to be spending more time outdoors, accidents will happen. One way to be prepared is having colloidal silver around for both immune system support and skin support.

While there’s plenty of reasons to keep supporting your immune system during the summer (sinus infections, allergies, ear infections, bacterial food poisonings, travel…), colloidal silver has a long traditional use of being used to support skin health and healing that continues into today. Instead of buying expensive products (face cream, certain bandages, etc.) With a miniscule amount of silver in them (and often either ionic or in a compound), make your own and get more silver and a higher quality outcome by using colloidal silver.

Sunburn is one of the more common summer problems, and colloidal silver can help support healthy skin whether you think you got a little too much sun or are deep red and know you did: just spray a little onto your exposed skin and let dry (even better if you follow up with a traditional balm like aloe). It’s a great opportunity to see how well it supports healing, just compare it to your past experiences.

And don’t keep things superficial. If you get some minor scratches, rashes, cuts, or other injuries, pull out the colloidal silver. Spray and let dry, or keep it wet by spraying it right on the bandage. We got one recommendation from a colloidal silver user that it’s effective to soak a cotton ball then to tape or bandage it on.

Don’t leave off taking colloidal silver as a daily supplement, immune support helps with healing, which is important (especially with deep or dirty wounds).

Get ready to enjoy the warm weather and make sure you have plenty of colloidal silver to back you up.

Share your best tips for using colloidal silver as skin support with us in the comments:


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