What is the Best Strength Colloidal Silver to Take?

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People take colloidal silver to support their immune system—as daily maintenance and support, as an occasional boost in the face of a known problem, as skin support and more. But before they start taking it, they have to figure out—what is the best strength colloidal silver to take?

It should be straightforward, but when you start looking around, everyone is making competing claims! So here’s how and, more importantly, WHY, the best strength colloidal silver is based on

1) purity,

2) small particle size and

3) high quantity/ppm!.

Always make sure to choose the best strength colloidal silver.

The Best Strength Colloidal Silver: TRUE Colloidal Silver

Before getting too deep into the comparative strength of something, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples! Always choose a true colloidal silver.

Some studies have shown ionic silver solutions as less effective. Other so-called colloidal products have additives or extra ingredients (because achieving a true colloid isn’t simple, and many people make a cheaper product, like ionic silver, or cheat with additives they then have to justify!).

It’s a simple, intuitive truth: avoid additives and stick to pure, clean ingredients. A true colloidal silver is just silver nanoparticles and water. Any other ingredients are negatively impacting the strength of colloidal silver.

How Colloidal Silver “Strength” Works

Most products talking about strength are about how much colloidal silver is in the bottle. And some products will try and convince you that less is somehow more.

Here’s the thing—when you have a high-quality product with a high ppm (that’s parts per million or how much silver is in it) it’s easy to take less. Most people take a tablespoon or two a day (a larger person needs more than a smaller person), and adjust based on their needs. With high ppm those adjustments are easy—if you need more support you don’t need a lot!

With a low ppm, which some argue is the best strength colloidal silver, it’s harder to get extra support. You need more bottles on hand. And it’s just not as good—many lower ppm products have other quality flaws, too (like being ionic).

Not Just Colloidal Silver Strength—Size, Too!

You already know size matters, and can intuitively tell that eating silver metal shavings isn’t going to be effective—they’ll just pass through you! It’s the small particle size of colloidal silver that makes it a good supplement. But how small is ideal for what is the best strength colloidal silver?

Generally, the smaller, the better—cells are small, and pathogens are smaller. You want colloidal silver to pass freely through the body and to be effective at supporting the immune system.

What is the Best Strength Colloidal Silver to Take? True Strength is All Qualities Combined

Purity, higher ppm, and small particle size—that’s how you find the best strength colloidal silver. 

A true colloidal silver will naturally have a higher ppm than other so-called “colloids”. The truth is, searching for “what is the best strength colloidal silver” should bring you to the best of all qualities. Just silver nanoparticles (the smaller, the better) and water, with a high ppm. Don’t get talked into something inferior just because a true colloidal silver is harder to make!

For a high-quality colloidal silver that is the best strength colloidal silver, choose MesoSilver.

Quantity: What is the Best Strength Colloidal Silver?

The best part about supporting your immune system with colloidal silver is that it puts you into control. Once you’ve solved “what is the best strength colloidal silver to take?”, there’s one more step, how much do you need?

When you have the best colloidal silver, you can take less. Most people, and why they take colloidal silver, choose a little more. They are shoring up their immune support as they battle chronic issues, face unknown exposures during cold and flu season, and managing their own needs as they change and evolve.

Once you’ve got an idea with how much you need, pick up the best strength colloidal silver and start supporting your immune system!

Order the best strength colloidal silver and make sure you have the support you need, with the best purity, the best ppm, and the best particle size.


Mesosilver® Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver MesoSilver is an all-natural, drug-free dietary supplement that acts as an unparalleled supplement to the immune system. Use it to fight off pathogens and keep your body healthy.

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