Senior HomeThere are two big stories about Hepatitis C this week.

First, the battle for Hep C treatment is ongoing. Since the announcement that Gilead has a safer, more effective Hep C treatment, they’ve been under fire for the $1000 a day price tag—especially with subsequent announcements that other countries will receive it for as little as $10 a day! Medical tourism, anyone?

While I understand how much cost went into R&D, I’m sure they could balance things out by getting more customers at a lower price (i.e. have ten people pay $100 instead of one person pay $1000) especially since Medicaid/health exchange insurance won’t pay those sorts of prices.

The second bit of news is what North Dakota health authorities are calling the second biggest Hep C outbreak in the country—at least 44 people have contracted the virus thanks to sub-standard care from a Minot retirement home.

What is particularly devastating is that having a weaker immune system, which happens naturally with ageing, speeds development of the virus and the horrible side-effects of the disease—liver failure being the cumulative result.

Until things get better for patients—cheaper treatments, better medical care—keep taking care of yourself. Support your immune system with colloidal silver, enough sleep, and good nutrition!


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