Chicken SoupSometimes, the best remedies are old and simple. Nothing beats a hot cup of tea with honey for a sore throat (unless you have mucus, then tea with lemon is best). And when you have a chest cold? Hot chicken soup.

Here are some other great winter remedies to bookmark for later this year:

-Flu got you feeling nauseated? Grate a little ginger into a mug (you can keep ginger in your freezer for a long time) and pour hot water over it. It will help settle your stomach. (If it’s more a food poisoning queasiness try mint tea).

-Feel better when you have a chest cold by getting your airways open. If vapor rub is too chemical-y for you, try a mint paste or (if you’re up for it) eat something spicy. Try sitting in a steamy shower, or just next to a running tea kettle.

-While tea can soothe a sore throat, you might be able to fix it by gargling salt water.

-Support your immune system with colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is one of the oldest home remedies.

And here are a few modern ideas:

-Get some sunshine. Boosting your Vitamin D levels might be just what you need.

-Do a sinus rinse—it may not be a new idea, but convenient tools and kits are.

What are your best home remedies?


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