Woman With Clear SkinWinter is the worst time of year for your skin (well, unless you’re super into tanning, but that can go year round). Winter is dry, it’s cold, the sun can still be harsh, and you’re less likely to care.

But good skin care is critical to good aging, so it’s important to keep it up year round. Here are some common problems you can combat right at home with little time, money, or effort:

The number one thing in skin care is moisturizing daily. There’s a lotion for everyone—men, women, oily, mixed, dry, allergen free… so there’s no excuse to skip it. If you want the most basic thing possible, just dab the tip of your finger into coconut oil—I love using coconut oil because it feels like naturally replenishing the skin’s oil: it absorbs really well and isn’t greasy, and it leaves my skin feeling soft and natural—not artificially moist.

Now, if you have eczema: there’s a billion really expensive creams, some with nasty petroleum based ingredients, others with fancy, even more expensive but natural ingredients. But here’s an alternative: generally, I have found that a mixture of aloe and coconut oil works really well. If a patch appears, I’ve found that adding in baobab oil makes it stop itching and clear up faster than with nothing.

Then there’s acne. Hormones, stress, dry winter skin, being in a major city (smog)… there are lots of reasons people continue to fight acne into adulthood! I’ve found that colloidal silver works really well at combating it.

In fact, you can get our MesoSilver Topical Cream, which has silver, aloe, and coconut oil, and kill two birds with one stone. It’s inspired by silver’s traditional use as a wound treatment (we love our topical cream on sunburns and scraped knees).

Also keep in mind when you’re warming up this winter that really hot water will strip oil from your skin. If you decide to relax your muscles, sinuses, or cold symptoms in the bath, try adding a little oil to the water so you come out silky (if you’re less lazy, you can wait and apply it when you get out. Again, coconut oil is great, or you can go old school with olive oil).

Are there any skin conditions I missed you want a tip about?


Mesosilver® Colloidal Silver

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