Older Woman ExercisingYou might already know that copper is essential for building collagen and elastin, part of what’s responsible for smooth, firm skin. Copper also contributes to darker hair color, and we’ve had people tell us it reversed some of their graying. But copper goes beyond skin and hair, and is important to overall health. Copper has roles all throughout the body, from red blood cells, to organs, to metabolic processes including the metabolism of cholesterol. Copper even affects the levels of other important nutrients, like iron. And in addition to making skin firm, it supports firm healthy veins and arteries. And if you’re short on copper, your immune system is being shorted, too. Copper helps fight free radicals, and to stimulate the immune system. Who needs more copper? Some people might just notice that it was what was missing, especially because of how it supports skin and hair, which most people take a close look at each day. Others who might need copper are those on special diets—many natural sources of copper are also ones that are commonly excluded, like nuts, meat, and grains. With any exclusionary diet, make sure to cover the gaps with the appropriate supplements.
Don’t overdo it; while the body gets rid of excess copper, you can get too much. It’s not magic, it’s about getting a little more so you have enough for your nutritional needs, not the minimum (or less). Some people have genetic disorders that require managing their copper amounts very carefully, and should only take copper with the supervision of a doctor. Copper needs also change during different ages/life stages, so as with all supplements, adjust freely to suit your needs. If you want to try a little more copper in your diet, try colloidal copper. Share your thoughts in the comments:

Mesosilver® Colloidal Silver

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