Colloidal silver is an immune supporting supplement. It’s just two things—silver and water. Because it’s simple, often considered natural, and has a long history of use, many people use colloidal silver for all sorts of things.

But they might wonder when specific, traditionally difficult problems arise, like, does colloidal silver kill fungus?

Colloidal silver has not been specifically tested on killing fungus in humans. However, silver, in general, is known for killing all sorts of pathogens, including fungus, and has limited studies showing safety in humans.

What’s important is that colloidal silver has a long and popular history as immune support, and that can include problems like a fungal infection.

Why Colloidal Silver?

Why has colloidal silver been used for as long as it has? Likely because many people believe that it works—gently, safely, and often when other options don’t work. People who’ve used colloidal silver have a lot to say about it!

Silver is known for many properties, and while (on a technicality) we can’t answer “does colloidal silver kill fungus?”, it may be pointed out that silver, in general, kills many things like fungi and even some amoebas, and that specifically nano silver does a very good job. 

In the recent past, companies have even added nanosilver to food containers, sports wears, and washing machines to fight odor, germ growth, and more.

How to Use Colloidal Silver

Many people take colloidal silver, and they’ve found there’s many ways to use colloidal silver! 

Most commonly, colloidal silver is drunk as daily immune support. It’s also sprayed on skin, used in neti pots and nebulizers, or just added to a bandage to support healing.

Probably, one of the many long-term users has experience that could answer “does colloidal silver kill fungus?”, although there are many types of fungus and many ways it can cause trouble, so without broad research it’s really hard to get specific about if or how does colloidal silver kill fungus!

Does Colloidal Silver Kill Fungus?

While silver has been used to kill many things (including fungus), we can’t give a definitive answer to “does colloidal silver kill fungus”.

What’s more important to focus on is that colloidal silver is immune support that you can use daily to support your entire body.

Before antibiotics, colloidal silver was often used in a similar role, and was even applied to the eyes of newborns to prevent infection that might cause blindness. Because it has been traditionally used for support in so many ways, people continue the traditional uses, including applying colloidal silver to eyes, skin, sinuses, and more.

Can You Use Colloidal Silver On Skin?

Research, and the wide number of people currently using colloidal silver without incident, has shown that colloidal silver is generally safe. While there are some concerns, most of them stem from either homemade colloidal silver or products similar enough to colloidal silver to falsely advertise themselves, while not having the true purity of real colloidal silver!

Using colloidal silver on skin—either fresh, clean skin (like a toner) or minor wounds, scrapes, and bruns is common. You can even find products that contain silver compounds or similar at your local store—but they don’t match the strength or purity of colloidal silver.

If you’re wondering, “does colloidal silver kill fungus”, then you might also wonder if it’s safe on skin, and the answer is yes.

Other Important Steps to Kill Fungus

Suspected fungal infections, from warts to a particularly nasty sinus infection or a fungal takeover after prolonged use of antibiotics are serious business. Fungus is hard to get rid of, and every body and immune system is different.

Keeping skin clean but not over-clean may help prevent skin infection (your skin naturally has a mix of bacteria, viruses, and fungi, and balance is important—as well as encouraging the growth of beneficial pathogens through healthy habits).

Keeping your sinuses clear—especially during allergy season—is also important. Blockages allow bacteria and fungi to grow (while out of nowhere sinus infections are more likely viral).

Does colloidal silver kill fungus? Either way, it supports health and the immune system, making it an important part of your tool kit for facing fungi and more.

Make sure you have enough colloidal silver on hand to take advantage of all its uses—inside and out.


Mesosilver® Colloidal Silver

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