Colloidal silver and colloidal gold tend to hog the spotlight. Colloidal silver has a long history as potent immune support, and is of growing interest to the medical field as they combat superbugs and bugs previously believed to be hard to kill. Colloidal gold boosts the brain, and is reported to support memory, hand-eye coordination, focus, and more, as well as potentially facilitate other processes throughout the body.

But what about colloidal copper?

It doesn’t deserve third place—colloidal copper has many of its own uses. In fact, copper is a necessary mineral with known uses throughout the body. And while it’s generally safe and non-toxic, the one caveat is not to overdo it. Some people even have a genetic condition that stops their bodies from properly processing copper, and shouldn’t have any in their diet.

Copper’s most popular function is supporting the skin. It’s a key component in building elastin and collagen, so you have to have copper to get firm, smooth, healthy skin. While you can spray copper on for direct support (and the nanoparticle size of colloidal copper makes it ideal as a spray, since it can easily absorb into cells), copper also plays that same role throughout the body, encouraging the development of strong, supple tissue where you need it—like in the cardiovascular system.

Copper also has antimicrobial properties, and is finding commercial uses—certain specific amounts are approved for things like sterilizing water, creating antimicrobial surfaces, and other uses in hospitals. Copper is believed to kill germs in multiple ways, and is effective against super bacteria like MRSA as well as viruses and fungi. It might become a part of future efforts to fight hospital acquired infections.

As a supplement or direct skin support, don’t miss out on colloidal copper and all its benefits.

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