Copper SpoonsTrace minerals play an important role in the body. In most cases, it’s glossed over pretty hard—but modern medicine is coming back around to finding and taking advantage of the different effects nano minerals and elements play.

There is one that’s pretty well documented: copper. Copper is probably most notable for helping form collagen and elastin, which not only support firm skin, but heart health.

Of course, the body can’t make copper. You *have* to eat it. Since soil quality varies, and may or may not have copper, it’s helpful to get it in a supplement. (Studies have found that less than a quarter of people get even close to enough). If you just want to focus on getting a little more copper, colloidal copper is a great choice. It delivers easily absorbed and used nano copper particles to the body—you can even get it in a spray for great skin support.

As we age, our absorption of all minerals, including copper, gets worse. There are also several common illnesses, like IBD and IBS, that can impact nutrient absorption (high quality multivitamins made with bioavailable ingredients help). It’s one factor in aging.

How does getting more copper help? Some have found that they not just feel, but see, an immediate difference… in their hair! Copper has been found by many people to put a little pepper back in their grays (of course there are other differences, but hair changes are something even acquaintances notice). How? Copper has a role in the production of melanin.

But beware too much of a good thing. There are genetic diseases that make it hard for the body to process copper. Copper’s also not a magic cure-all, so stick to adding a little into your diet, not drowning yourself in it. Everyone is different—bigger, smaller sizes, better or worse digestion, different genetics. Figuring out what you need requires extra attention to your body.

Where to start with getting what you need? Try colloidal copper as a daily supplement or skin supporting spray and find the right balance for you.

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