Sick HeadacheMigraines can range from a pulsating nuisance that lasts a few hours, to days of being unable to function, hiding in bed from the light sensitivity, nausea, and pain.

Once you get a migraine, you can only try and manage pain, which many migraine sufferers don’t respond to. So prevention is strongly emphasized—and that mostly boils down to avoiding triggers, although some people find support from colloidal platinum.

If you feel a migraine coming, brace yourself. Most migraine sufferers get warning signs, like stiff muscles, change in mood, change in bowel movements, and increased sensitivity to things like light and smell. You should be extra careful with your diet to avoid triggers if you think you are getting a migraine.

Then, some people experience an aura. In addition to all the previous symptoms, pain follows. When the pain fades, many experience a migraine hangover, where nausea and sensitivity continue.

Sudden shifts in hormones can trigger migraines, which is why they are more common in women. Consider helping your body to run more smoothly with a supportive nutritional supplement.

Bananas are another commonly identified culprit. But food triggers can be difficult to identify, especially if you’re eating a varied, healthy diet. If you have chronic migraines, keep a food journal, recording times, and any symptoms that appear and their times. Watch for patterns that will help you avoid migraines (and maybe even other health issues!).

Some people have found success with acupuncture and/or chiropractic care. Migraines are thought to be related to blood vessels and the central nervous system, so “aligning” things makes sense.

Are you among the 15% who gets migraines? What are your triggers?


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