Colloidal gold is reported to be beneficial in numerous ways, supporting the mind and mind-body connection. With a range of benefits, there’s a lot to gain from regular support with colloidal gold.

Many take colloidal gold as a daily supplement because it’s reported to boost focus, concentration, and mental acuity—helping to make each day a little more efficient. Others take colloidal gold for a boost to brain function when there’s a looming project, deadline, or presentation.

But colloidal gold helps in other ways, too. It may help support memory—in general and as a result of having better focus and concentration. It may support energy—not with the same spurt that sugar or caffeine give, but with a more stable clarity.

And by also supporting the mind-body connection, colloidal gold can help with things like hand-eye coordination, so that your time on the greens, the field, or crafting is better.

Studies have found that in addition to mental support, nano (colloidal) gold may have other benefits throughout the body, supporting prostate health, and even joint health (especially arthritic joints).

What is colloidal gold? It’s pure gold nanoparticles suspended in water. It has a red-orange color as light reflects off the suspended gold particles. (Anything clear is not a colloid, because instead of being suspended the particles are dissolved, meaning ionized and bad for you).

Colloidal gold and colloidal silver have been used for centuries, and were more prevalent before the advent of antibiotics and plastic. They are still used today in medical research, over the counter skin care, and more.

You can get daily support from colloidal gold for a brain boost.

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