Copper is an essential mineral for our health. It’s needed for firm tissue inside (cardiovascular system) and out (firm, smooth skin), it’s used in blood, to process cholesterol, in bones, for enzymes, by the immune system, and more. Having enough copper in your diet can even slow graying hair! Because of things like varying soil quality, or just eating the typical American diet, you may not have enough of this (or other nutrients) in your diet. Getting more copper is easy—just pick the supplement that’s best for you!

While you may not eat foods rich in copper each day, it’s easy to get them in supplement form. Here are a few options, and why they might be right for you:

Colloidal Copper may be the most obvious supplement—it’s just nanosized copper particles suspended in water. It’s best for people who want that extra copper for firm skin. Colloidal copper is available in a spray, so you can apply it directly to your skin with less concern about getting too much copper in your diet. Because of its small particle size, colloidal copper easily moves through the body, making it a better choice for people with digestive issues.

Spirulina is a natural food source of copper, but you’re probably not eating it daily (if ever!). Luckily, you can get this green superfood in a supplement. Not only is it a source of copper, but it packs more protein than some meats, and is a vegan source of iron! With enzymes, antioxidants, and all 8 amino acids, it has a lot to offer (and has even been included in the diet of astronauts!).

Shiitake mushrooms are another source of copper. While you may get them in your diet occasionally, you can make sure you get shiitake and other superfood mushrooms daily with Maitake Beta Glucan Extract. Mushrooms are more than just a nutrient rich protein option—studies show they may benefit human health in a myriad of ways, including stimulating and improving immune function. With shiitake, maitake, reiki, and agaricus, Maitake Beta Glucan Extract offers the different benefits of some of the most beneficial mushrooms.

Start getting a little more copper with the right supplement for you: Colloidal Copper, Blu-Lina Organic Spirulina, or Maitake Beta Glucan Extract.

*Note: some people have a rare genetic condition that stops their body from properly processing copper, and should avoid additional copper like from copper supplements. Consult a physician.

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