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Looking for a natural way to support your skin health and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles? Look no further than MesoCopper colloidal copper skin conditioner spray! Copper is an essential nutrient that supports firm and healthy skin, but it can be difficult to get enough of it through diet alone. That’s where colloidal copper comes in – it’s a suspension of nanosized copper particles in water that’s easy for your body to digest and absorb.


MesoCopper ® Colloidal Copper Skin Conditioner Spray

MesoCopper colloidal copper is an all-natural mineral supplement. Start maximizing your health today with colloidal copper MesoCopper spray which is easily applicable. This spray is used to help minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and more.

But why choose colloidal copper spray over other copper skin products like creams?

For one, it’s pure – you know exactly what and how much copper you’re getting. Plus, it’s easy to apply and more affordable than many other options. With its small particle size and high quantity of copper nanoparticles, colloidal copper spray can help tighten and strengthen your skin by naturally increasing collagen production, while also functioning as an antioxidant.

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Copper is an essential nutrient you may or may not be getting enough of from your diet. One of the roles of copper in the body is to support firm, healthy skin (and other tissue). There are many reasons to supplement with copper—to improve energy levels and correct a minor deficiency is a big one. Still, many supplement with colloidal copper to support firmer, more supple skin.

And one way people support their skin with copper is with colloidal copper spray. It’s direct, going straight on the skin; you can be less worried about how much copper you need, and it’s cheaper and more effective than other copper skin products like creams.

Let’s look deeper into supporting the skin with colloidal copper spray! Using a colloidal copper spray is simple – just spritz it onto clean skin, including your upper chest, hands, and elbows. You can even use it in conjunction with other skincare products like moisturizers and sunscreen. Whether young or old or have oily or dry skin, the colloidal copper spray is an excellent addition to any natural skincare routine.

Colloidal Copper tightens and strengthens the skin by naturally increasing collagen production. Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Supports healthy skin & rejuvenates collagen while functioning as an anti-oxidant.

All About Colloidal Copper

Some foods contain copper, but as with many nutrients and minerals, the soil is everything! Food won’t magically contain nutrients if the soil doesn’t provide a good foundation for absorbing or making them (and copper falls under being absorbed, not made like some vitamins). Even well-maintained soil varies a lot region by region, so different foods, or the same food at different times of the year, etc., will have slightly different nutritional content. 

One way to add missing minerals back into your body is with colloids. Colloids are a suspension of that mineral in water. Colloidal copper has nanosized copper particles suspended in water—that’s it. You know precisely what and how much you’re getting in an easy-to-digest format.

Copper is an essential nutrient for your body, but ensuring you’re getting enough from your diet alone can be hard. Even if you’re eating copper-rich foods, the nutrient content can vary depending on factors like the quality of the soil. This is where colloidal copper comes in! Colloids are suspensions of minerals in water, and colloidal copper contains tiny copper particles that are easily absorbed by your body. With colloidal copper, you can be sure you’re getting the right amount of copper.

Copper is essential for your body’s health, and colloidal copper ensures you get the right amount of this vital nutrient. Say goodbye to the hassle of tracking your copper intake and hello to the convenience of colloidal copper!


What is Colloidal Copper Spray?

 If you’re looking to reap the skin benefits of colloidal copper, you might want to try colloidal copper spray. It’s just like regular colloidal copper but comes with a convenient sprayer. By spraying the colloid directly on your skin, you can target specific areas and enjoy the direct benefits of copper particles. Colloidal copper spray is the same colloidal copper but with a sprayer. You are still spraying a colloid, although over time, the colloidal copper spray top will need to be replaced as a small amount of copper may linger, dry out, and get stuck.

The colloidal copper spray has the same purity, small particle size, and other benefits as regular colloidal copper.

Using a colloidal copper spray is an excellent addition to any natural skincare routine and is suitable for all skin types. Adding it to your daily routine may make you notice firmer, more supple skin with reduced fine lines and wrinkles. 

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How Does Colloidal Copper Spray Work?

Colloidal copper is easily digested because of its small particle size, purity, and high quantity of copper nanoparticles. For those same reasons, skin can absorb colloidal copper particles from the colloidal copper spray.

Copper is a necessary nutrient, a building block. Your skin (and cardiovascular system) use copper in the formation of elastin and collagen, which makes tissue supple, firm, and strong—on a face, we’re talking about fine lines and wrinkles and general appearance. Colloidal copper spray delivers that nutrient right to where you may want it—supporting firm, healthy skin!

Why Use Colloidal Copper Spray?

Copper is essential; there are certainly many products that contain copper. But how much copper? In what quality? Many skin products purchased at your local store get very poorly reviewed in skincare forums—usually, the biggest complaint is how they all have additives and toxins that undermine your effort for better skin! But another is that the key ingredients, like copper, are in smaller quantities and of lower quality.

Colloidal copper spray is pure, it’s just copper, so you know what you’re getting (small particle high-quality copper), and you can more easily tell how much copper you’re getting—it’s not hidden in cream or being blocked by oils.

How Do You Use Colloidal Copper Spray?

Use a colloidal copper spray like a toner—spray clean skin with colloidal copper. Always remember the important beauty tip to include your upper chest, too (necklines can be low!), and if you’re trying to maintain a look of healthy skin, the beauty experts from the last century always made a point to include hands and elbows!

Once the colloidal copper has dried on, follow up with moisturizer and any other skincare routine you have.

When to Use Colloidal Copper Spray?

You’re never too young to support healthy skin! Whenever you feel like you need something more to support firm, supple, healthy-looking skin, it’s time to consider colloidal copper spray! 

Colloidal copper spray is an excellent addition to any natural skincare routine and benefits all skin types.

Can You Use Colloidal Copper Spray with Other Products?

You can use colloidal copper spray with other skincare products, including colloidal silver, moisturizer, sunscreen, etc.!

Just spray colloidal copper after your regular cleaning routine before using lotion.

Colloidal copper spray is not only easy to use but also pairs well with other skincare products. If you’re already using other products in your skincare routine, such as moisturizer or sunscreen, you can easily incorporate colloidal copper spray without any issues. Simply spray it on after your regular cleansing routine and before applying your other products to ensure your skin can absorb the copper particles properly.

Using colloidal copper spray in combination with other skincare products can enhance the effectiveness of your routine and provide even more benefits for your skin. So don’t be afraid to experiment and find the best combination for you!

If you’re looking for a convenient and effective way to support your skin health, it’s worth trying colloidal copper spray. Its small particle size and high-quality copper content make it a great addition to any skincare routine. You can use it in conjunction with other products for maximum benefits. Give it a try and see the difference it can make for your skin!

Thinks it’s time for you to start getting direct skin support from colloidal copper? Try colloidal copper spray.


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