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If you’re unfamiliar with colloids, you may be wondering if they’re safe to use as a supplement. It’s a good question to ask! Is colloidal copper safe to take?

Colloidal copper is basically just another way to supplement with copper. Not only is it safe, but it may be the better way for you to make sure you get copper, an essential nutrient, in your diet!

So let’s look more closely at colloidal copper: why is colloidal copper safe to take, and why should you take colloidal copper?

Copper: An Essential Nutrient

First, let’s look at why supplementing with copper is important! Copper is an essential nutrient, and you need to be getting it in your diet each day!

Copper helps the body with iron absorption. It’s used to make collagen and elastin, which are what makes tissue smooth and supple (and while this is most famously brought up with regard to wrinkles, tissue inside you benefits too, like your arteries!). Copper is important throughout the body!

Is colloidal copper safe to take? Yes! It’s just another way to make sure you get this essential mineral.

What Is Colloidal Copper? Is It Safe to Take?

Always make sure you have a good, true, pure colloidal copper. It should be just two ingredients, pure water, and PURE copper! What makes it a colloid is the suspension of the tiny (nanosized!) copper particles suspended in water. Some products call themselves colloidal, but in the fine print they are not pure or have other additives!

Is colloidal copper safe to take? Only when it’s pure, genuine colloidal copper! And the nano-sized particles may be more easily absorbed and used.

Why Is Colloidal Copper Safe to Take

A true colloidal copper with no additives, that isn’t a copper compound, etc., is just a way to supplement a needed nutrient—copper.

Ideally, a healthy diet would provide the copper you need. Realistically, the average American diet is missing all sorts of nutrients. Even if you eat lots of natural foods, over-farming and variation between regions can mean a nutrient like copper is missing.

Not only is colloidal copper safe, adding it to your diet may help support and improve your health.

When Isn’t Colloidal Copper Safe to Take

We’ve already gone over one example of when is colloidal copper not safe—when it’s not a true colloid—but there’s one more to be aware of!

People with certain rare genetic conditions have to monitor how much copper is in their diet because their body doesn’t process it and can accumulate too much. If you’re not sure about your genetic history, make sure not to exceed the recommended amount of dietary copper.

And everyone should always use common sense! “Too much of a good thing” is a saying for a reason!

Otherwise, colloidal copper is safe to take.

More You Can Do with Colloidal Copper

Because copper is especially well-known for supporting healthier skin and hair, many people want to get more copper to support smoother skin, darker hair, and a healthier look.

In order to target the support they get from colloidal copper, rather than use it as a supplement (which sends it throughout the body), some people use it as a spray, conditioning skin with supportive copper so it has the building blocks for elastin and collagen, which make skin smooth and firm.

Is colloidal copper safe for skin? Yes, because it’s a needed element of healthy skin!

Do You Need Colloidal Copper?

How can you tell if you need more copper in your diet and should supplement with colloidal copper? Some people find out they were short on copper by taking a little colloidal copper and feeling and seeing the effects (on health, energy, skin, and hair—for some people, a little extra copper is enough to darken graying hair!).

If you’re not sure, consider the symptoms of iron deficiency—tiredness, weakness, lightheadedness—while people can be quick to add iron to their diet, people forget that more iron won’t work if you don’t have enough copper! If you’re trying to problem solve symptoms of iron deficiency, remember that they overlap heavily with symptoms of copper deficiency, and consider using colloidal copper to support your health!

Is colloidal copper safe? Yes, and needed! Copper is an essential nutrient, and colloidal copper can help make sure you’re getting enough for your optimal health.

If you think you could use more copper, try adding copper to your diet with colloidal copper!


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