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For many people, pets are family and keeping them healthy is just as important as keeping everyone else in your home healthy! It can also be scary and expensive. Dogs and cats can’t tell us when they’re sick—and humans don’t know all the cues that may indicate the early stages of an illness. Then, getting a dog’s illness figured out and treated can be really expensive! Invest instead in a little prevention—a little goes a long way. Use a small amount of colloidal silver in your dog or cat’s water bowl to help support your immune system. Is colloidal silver safe for dogs?—Yes! Here’s how and why to use colloidal silver year round.

Your pet is an important part of your household, so give them the same care you would give yourself!

Is Colloidal Silver Safe for Dogs in Winter?

Humans are more likely to get ill from viruses and other illnesses in the winter and the same can be true for dogs. Just as humans get sick more often these days because there’s more of us living closer together, dogs have some of the same risk factors going on!

Luckily, most canine illnesses are preventable with vaccines, but some aren’t. Dogs can get their own flu-like illnesses, including Parainfluenza and Bordetella. Both cause (contaminated) nasal secretions and coughing and sneezing.

In winter, is colloidal silver safe for dogs? Yes! Help support their immune system with a little colloidal silver.

Is Colloidal Silver Safe for Dogs in Summer?

Some summer illness worries are shared by both dogs and humans.

First, the big one: Lyme Disease. Fatigue, inflammation, and other Lyme Diseases symptoms can impact a dog’s health just like it can ours. It can be hard to notice symptoms until they start to get severe, so stay on top of prevention by making your dog’s outside play areas inhospitable to ticks (avoid tall grasses and keep other mammals from mice to deer out).

If you’re hiking, don’t just watch out for tick bites—water streams can also be sources of illness for dogs. Giardia is an infection that causes diarrhea, and Leptospirosis affects a dog’s liver and kidneys; both come from contaminated water.

If you go camping or hiking, bring fresh water for your pets. Better yet, add a drop or two of colloidal silver to their water to support their immune systems while they explore nature.

Is Colloidal Silver Safe for Dogs who are Old?

Just like humans, dogs get weaker immune systems with age. Is colloidal silver safe for dogs who are older? Yep! And while it won’t fix some common dog problems like tumors, those physical problems will be weakening their immune systems, so the extra support will still be more than helpful!

Is Colloidal Silver Safe for Dogs who are Young?

Many cities have mandatory puppy quarantines because they are so vulnerable to various pet illnesses, especially before they’re vaccinated. Whether you’re in a rural area around lots of other animals or in a city around other people’s furbabies, be sure to help your puppy grow up healthy by following your vet’s recommendations and supporting puppy immune systems with just a tiny amount of colloidal silver.

Is Colloidal Silver Safe for Cats?

And don’t forget to support your cats. As independent as cats can be, they still have some fairly serious diseases they can share with one another! Outdoor cats especially need extra immune support. Colloidal silver is safe for cats and dogs, so if they share a water dish or if they have their own, both pet types can be given the immune support of colloidal silver.

How Much Colloidal Silver is Safe for Dogs and Cats?

Dogs and cats are tiny compared to humans, and even with increased risk (because they eat out of trash, stick their noses into holes and streams, and don’t have human’s social rules about physical closeness/touching) they really don’t need a lot of colloidal silver.

Is colloidal silver safe for dogs? Yep! Just add a drop or two to their water bowl (depending on size). Summer or winter, indoors or outdoors, your pets will appreciate the extra immune support while they explore.

And you can use it beyond the water bowl, too. Some have told us that colloidal silver was part of their strategy when supporting skin issues as they heal, eye gunk, and sinus infections in pets. Allergies aside, colloidal silver is safe for dogs and cats and can help you to create the best care plan possible for your pets.


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