INSIDE THIS ARTICLE:’s a hot trend in Europe and Japan (something only available in the biggest cities, even): using nano silver, gold, platinum, and other rare minerals to improve skin health and keep skin looking young. A single treatment costs hundreds of dollars. And it’s not just a fancy trend: science has backed up at least some of the claims being made by these best-in-the-world spas. Nanosilver, gold, and platinum all have strong histories with plenty of medicinal uses, so I can’t say I’m really surprised spas are offering them as a luxury item to improve your looks, too!

You don’t have to travel and take out a second mortgage for a top end European spa treatment to help your skin hold water, build collagen, fight acne, and glow. You can do-it-yourself for far less!

Here are the popular ingredients and how they might work:

Fight acne, boost cell repair: silver has been used to heal burns and other minor skin ailments for centuries. And it has antimicrobial properties—it stops bacteria from getting oxygen. (And of course, bacteria play a big part in acne and triggering the inflammation that causes rosacea!).

For a home version of the spa treatments, spray some colloidal silver on your face daily.

Boost collagen production, support elasticity: your skin needs copper for collagen production—collagen is what keeps skin firm. You may or may not be getting enough copper in your diet, it really comes down to the quality of the soil your food is grown in! If you want to make sure your skin stays young looking, then you need to make sure you’re getting it enough copper (it doesn’t take much, but really, most food is grown in hard-used soil sans these essential trace elements and minerals!).

DIY: you can add copper to your diet with MesoCopper dietary supplement, or you can deliver it directly to your face (and chest—good skin care always pairs the face with the neck & chest) with MesoCopper spray.

Retain collagen, possibly boost blood flow: it may not be well studied, but gold has been used for thousands of years as a beauty product. It’s believed it helps to maintain firmness, and has been used by several famous women through the millennia—including Cleopatra. Recently, nano gold has found uses in the medical community fighting inflammation (specifically, arthritis). While recent studies have focused on what gold can do for medicine, no one is (officially) studying what it can do for your looks—so you’ll just have to try it for yourself on the work of people who have been there, done that.

You can add gold to your routine with MesoGold supplement.

Improve nutrient absorption & help your skin retain moisture: The top Swiss and Japanese skin care experts say platinum is essential for electrolyte balance and will help enhance nutrient absorption.

Take MesoPlatinum platinum supplement—get the skin benefits in addition to supporting your brain!

What are the essentials of your skincare regime?


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