Colloidal silver is great immune support all year round, whether it’s the colds of winter or the travel bugs of summer that you face. A little each day, or just when you need it can be a useful way to help support your health.

While taking colloidal silver as a daily supplement is good for all-over support, sometimes there are more in your face, chronic problems that need a heavier touch, like acne and congestion.

Not as severe as a respiratory infection, stomach bug, or most any other illnesses, acne and congestion (whether allergy triggered or chronically from another irritant) can still sometimes feel like huge burdens to bare. They become a prominent part of day-to-day life, both displayed on your face, and each an evolving, nagging problem (that can even be embarrassing!).

Let’s look at them separately and see how daily colloidal silver helps:

Almost as long as it’s history as an immune supporting supplement is a history of skin support. Colloidal silver has had a long and ongoing career helping wounds mend, burns heal, and more. Many over-the-counter ointments still contain silver, although there’s quite the mark-up (and they’re often in compound forms).

You don’t have to save it for bigger wounds, help heal the little things, too! Especially acne, which can quickly become a bunch of little things all working together to create large patches of inflammation, embarrassing redness, and tiny open wounds.

Add colloidal silver to your daily skin routine to help support skin healing and fight acne.

Then there’s the skin in your nose, and how it can become irritated and congested, too. In fact, when it’s like that, it’s actually inflamed! Colloidal silver can come in to help support healing, and support the body as it fights irritants and pathogens.

There are lots of ways to use it. If you’re already rinsing your sinuses with a neti pot, add a few drops of silver to your purified water to help with prevention. For bad congestion, go deeper and soak it out with a sinus flood. Or meet in the middle, and use a small amount of colloidal silver in the sinus bulb.

You can get a sinus kit with colloidal silver here, or just order a bottle of colloidal silver and start adding it to your current sinus cleaning routine.

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Mesosilver® Colloidal Silver

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