Sad StudentThis time of year, doctor visits sky-rocket for kids 5-18. It’s not just cold and flu season, either. It’s headaches and other symptoms of returning to school. Help support your kids health as they transition back to school:

-Start each day with a multivitamin, and encourage them to eat their lunch. Skipped meals can be one cause of headaches, and of course other problems (like trouble paying attention, keeping up in sports, and more!). And a multivitamin is an important safety net when you can’t watch what your kids are eating.

-Load them up with water. If your kid’s school won’t let them have a water bottle at their desk, consider packing coconut water, a sports drink, or other electrolyte heavy fluid to rehydrate them at lunch. Dehydration also catches a lot of kids when school starts up again!

-Don’t forget to support their immune system, even if that’s just encouraging a healthy routine with lots of sleep and exercise. Kids are heading into a combination of cold and flu season, dozens of grubby little hands (and fewer opportunities to wash them), and a busier, more stressful time. It shouldn’t be a surprise that doctor visits are about to skyrocket.

-Encourage exercise once they’re past recess/elementary age (and while middle schoolers get recess, the schools I’m familiar with don’t have a lot of running room and kids tend to talk/gossip more than play kickball at that age). If nothing else, teach them some yoga. Kids are stuck in uncomfortable chairs for 6-8 hours a day, while simultaneously going through growth spurts, puberty, and that dehydration I mentioned earlier! Tension headaches are one of the more common ailments they face. If older kids come home tense, try Dakota Muscle Relief.

-Still stuck with headaches? Try MesoGold. It may be what’s missing. If nothing else, MesoGold is reported to help with focus, memory, and more. Perfect for students!

-(And don’t forget, teachers need support too!)

What are your most common back to school ailments?


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