Chess PlayerWhatever your goals for 2015, working on your focus and brain power will help you achieve them.

A sharper mind helps prevent sports injuries, because you react more quickly, learn skills better, listen better to what’s happening around you. It helps you focus, to achieve goals that require effort and diligence. Focus also helps you learn new skills, whether you want to take up knitting or earn a promotion at work.

The trick to keeping a New Year’s resolution is all in your mind—the planning, the determination, and the mental endurance of keeping it in mind from now, until next December.

So how do you develop focus?

Exercising your brain is as important as exercising your muscles and heart. Pick activities that use different skills: reading, writing, and math/puzzles/problem solving. If that’s giving you flashbacks to grade-school nightmares, it doesn’t have to. There are lots of fun ways to do it: games from scrabble to sudoku, which you can play with your real life friends, or on your phone with new friends at any time of day.

Just like with sports, exercise is just general support. You still need to practice your chosen activity (example: if you love golf, you’ll spend lots of time on the greens, but hitting the gym can help provide muscle balance and strength for walking all 18 holes).

So spend some mental energy on your goal. If you’re changing your diet in 2015, make a plan: how you’ll gradually change things every few weeks, finding fun new recipes, reading up on new cooking techniques. Or make a plan out the steps for learning a new skill, what you’ll study week-by-week.

Then spend time either daily or weekly reading about it, doing it, practicing. If you’re going to meet your goals, it will take a lot of focus and mental energy!

Just like you support growing muscles with protein and good nutrition, your brain needs good nutrition and energy. A lot of the energy you get from food goes to your brain (the best reason not to crash diet).

You can add a bit more support for mental focus and clarity with MesoGold. It’s reported to boost mental acuity!

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