Tea KettleThis year’s predominant flu strain has caused bad outbreaks in the past, with more than average hospitalizations and even deaths. On top of that, this year’s flu shot isn’t well synced up with the circulating strains.

Preparation is the word of the day. The CDC still wants people getting the flu shot, and if that fails, antivirals.

For those reluctant (lots of bad headlines about the flu shot this year) there are other ways to prepare against the flu.

-Wash your hands frequently, cough and sneeze into your elbow, and don’t touch your face. Those are some of the best habits to build.

-Make sure you’re supporting your immune system. People with weakened immune systems don’t just have a bigger risk of catching the flu, they’re more likely to go on to have severe symptoms of it. The very old and very young, pregnant women, people with additional illnesses (from asthma, heart disease, and diabetes, to cold sores, Hepatitis, and dementia), and even people who are overweight are all included among the umbrella of “weakened immune system”.

-At the first sign of symptoms, lay low. A tougher strain means we need to take the flu more seriously this year. Don’t push through it to work, give your body the rest it needs. Rest is important immune support when we’re sick, and so is eating (even if it’s hard to find the appetite or energy), and continuing other forms of support, like a multivitamin, MesoSilver, and anything else you usually do.

-Flu transmission can be reduced with humidity. Run a humidifier, or a tea kettle, or a pot with water. (Then you can hydrate with tea, especially soothing if you have a sore throat).

-Keep tabs on your symptoms—if they get bad, see a doctor.

Are you prepared for flu season?


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