Prepare Your Backyard For Summer


BackyardMosquitoes, allergies, wasps… all risk ruining a lover summer day. So here’s a checklist to get your backyard ready for summer so that you can enjoy the nice weather!

-Depending on your area’s weather, mark you calendar for when you will start any fountains. Still water can be a source of mosquito growth, so you want to make sure that any ponds have some movement. If you leave a water dish out for your dog, change the water at least daily.

-You can naturally deter pests like mice, bed bugs, and mosquitoes, by planting nice smelling flowers. Mint, lavender, and other plants that smell good to humans deter many pests.

-Cut down on allergy sources in your yard by laundering any outdoor fabrics (beat rugs, wash chair covers…). Do it once at the start of the season, and again each time something blooms and sends pollen everywhere.

-Check for wasp’s nests. Folded up umbrellas, children’s play areas (especially toy trunks), and any small corner could have been chosen for a papery-wasp nest. Catch them early so they don’t surprise you when you’re sitting down to dinner or have a crowd.

For minor scrapes, sunburns, and bites, make sure you have MesoSilver topical ointment on hand. It contains naturally anti-microbial ingredients that are also known to promote healing. Get an extra for your purse, car, or swim bag.

What other precautions do you take at the start of summer?


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