There’s been a lot of excitement over a nano silver article from the peer-reviewed Dalton Transactions, a publication of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Nano silver has been heavily criticized over the years, especially as it appears as a colloidal silver supplement. Despite several studies and a long history of traditional use, as well as silver being used in hospitals to prevent the spread of infection, and to aid in the healing of wounds, negative portrayals abound. The most recent attacks focus on the unknown, and assume that silver must also have a negative affect on human cells.

And now a study conducted by the University of Leeds has found research so promising more is forthcoming. Silver has been found to have similar toxicity on cancer cells as the platinum based chemotherapy drug Cisplatin, with what appears to be a much lower rate of side-effects.

The study tested silver compounds on breast and colon cancer cells, with planned future studies focusing on discovering the mechanism that allows silver to kill cancer cells, and testing to see what negative effects it might have on healthy human cells.

The expected outcome is that the studies will lead to improved chemotherapy treatments in the future.

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