Every week it seems, a quick news search for “colloidal silver” or “nano silver” reveals not just the myriad number of ways people are using nano sized silver particles suspended in water, or colloidal silver,  but the number of scientists and doctors (almost all outside of the united states where natural medicine is alive and well) who are discovering the ways that colloidal silver could not only revolutionize medicine, but help the poor who suffer at a more affordable rate than many mainstream medicines (if only because colloidal silver is more effective).

The most notable “new” use of colloidal silver comes from the Times of India, where Dr BM Hegde is raising awareness about a study conducted in Africa that used colloidal silver (nano silver particles suspended in water) to treat malaria (a flu-like diseases caught from mosquitos).

Understanding that colloidal silver can also be used for other diseases such as “dengue [a disease that causes rash and fever]…sore throat” and applied topically to aid in healing wounds such as “diabetic ulcers and…leprosy wounds”.

Both colloidal silver and colloidal gold are being studied in India for antimicrobial properties, particularly with interest in improving the treatment of various eye conditions and infections.

Have you heard any stories (either news or personal) about colloidal silver lately? Share with us in the comments!


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