Silver: Fighting The Spread of MRSA (Methocylin Resistant Staphococcus Aurealus)


MRSA, the super-bug which has been growing and spreading over the last decade-plus, is now meeting resistance in hospitals. We’ve written before about how silver is being used to treat instruments inserted into the body (from catheters on up), and that practice is (thankfully) spreading with new tools including silver bandages that stop MRSA from causing infection in hospital patients with open wounds (warning, the article contains a pic that is a little gruesome).

Now, a European company has developed an antibacterial glass to be used in hospitals. The glass’s secret weapon is silver, which functions as a natural antibiotic; it’s a simple solution to the growing problem of MRSA.

Thanks to silver, the glass kills bacteria on contact, and can also kill other pathogens such as fungi. This helps create a more sterile environment, reducing the risk of catching a hospital pathogen (in Europe, people are more likely to die from a hospital infection than from a car accident).

Silver has been tested in laboratories against MRSA, E. Coli, and other strong bacteria and has been found to completely kill the bacteria in its petri dish tests. Silver is similarly effective against viruses like HIV.

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Good hygiene is also an important factor in preventing the spread of disease, especially in hospitals. It takes only seconds to acquire whatever germs a surface holds, so wash your hands frequently if you are visiting a hospital, and wash your hands and clothes when you get home.

Does the risk of hospital infection affect when you decide to go to the hospital? What precautions do you take there, and around the house? Let us know in the comments!


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