Natural Skin CareSkin support can come in a variety of forms: drinking more water, getting more sleep (and sleeping on your back), taking care in the sun.

One that’s often overlooked is delivering the right nutritional support.

When people talk about changing their diet for their skin, they usually talk about subtracting: avoiding triggers for redness or acne, flushing for brightness, avoiding substances that prematurely age skin.

But what should you be adding for healthy, firm, good looking skin?

Copper. Many minerals are missing from our plate, despite our best efforts to put only the best on it. Farming has taken a lot from the soil our food is grown in, and what nutrients are present vary from region to region—some of the big ones never put back are minerals (whereas the minimal core of nutrients are often added to our food).

For skin, copper is a big one: it plays roles in the formation of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for firm, smooth, healthy skin.

And not just skin: people who add a little copper to their diet often find they turn back time on their hair, and that “pepper” reappears among the gary.

Even beyond appearances, copper plays a role in connective tissue, meaning the cardiovascular system. It’s important for organs, bones, digestion, metabolism, blood, and more. The body does a lot to regulate copper, but if you don’t eat enough, it can’t pull it out of air—it will pull it out of places not essential for survival. Like hair and skin.

Too much copper? Some people are genetically predisposed to have trouble with too much or too little copper. One sign of too much is a metallic taste in your mouth. Luckily, it’s easy to ask your doctor for a blood test to see if your body has and is using copper (that second half is a critical piece of the puzzle).

Want to get started? Try colloidal copper. Colloidal copper offers easy to use nano sized particles of pure, non-iodized copper. It’s an easy way to get more in your diet.

Tried it? Share your successes in the comments:


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