sniffle-womanMaybe it’s because this winter has been warmer, and the illnesses milder. Maybe it’s because everyone is too busy to stop. Maybe it’s just something in the air, but this cold and flu season has really been characterized by everyone passing and sharing germs back and forth!

Do you miss work or school for a little sniffle? Probably not, according to researchers (especially not if you work in the food industry). But what’s a little sniffle for you might be a bigger deal for someone with a weaker immune system (not good), or it might just be another sniffle, that they bring into work, school, or your hobby group and pass right back to you (not good either).

If you can’t break the cycle by staying home (and it won’t really work anyway if everyone doesn’t do it), then make sure to get some extra immune support from colloidal silver. With mild illness everywhere, you’re immune system is working harder than ever as it comes into contact with the sick people around you, making catching an illness (even if it’s mild) more likely than ever.

Once you have daily immune support checked off, try and implement some easy prevention, like frequent hand washing, running a humidifier (helps stop influenza from spreading) and making sure you cover the basics like good food and good sleep!

If something breaks through your immune system (it really is an onslaught right now, I’m hearing anecdotes that cover everything from seasonal stomach flu, to colds, to sinus and ear infections) then boost your defenses with a little extra colloidal silver.

Remember, there’s nothing you can do for viruses (which are behind most winter illnesses) besides rest, support your immune system, and try and avoid pockets of sick people. Antibiotics don’t work on viruses (and they are working less and less on bacteria, too!).

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