Summer can be a paradox. Sunlight fills us with Vitamin D, making us feel good—healthy, youthful, and full of energy. But it’s also hard on skin. And while sunscreen helps a lot, it can be hard on skin in it’s own way. And that’s just the beginning of what can wear down your skin during summer: dehydration, chlorinated water, and extra sweat clogging pores. (And winter’s not much easier on skin, being dryer).

Make sure you’ve got lots of support for your skin this summer and every season. Start by staying hydrated with lots of water, keeping up with nutrition, and sweating out the toxins in a more controlled way (like exercising!). Once you’ve covered the basics, add in some additional layers of support. Skip the expensive creams and go straight for the key ingredients (pair them with the right moisturizer for your skin, which might be something straight out of your pantry).

Colloidal copper, for instance, is great skin support. It contains nanosized particles of copper, an important nutrient for skin health. The small size makes it ideal either as a supplement, or as a spray to directly support your skin. Copper plays an important role in the formation of collagen, elastin, and more, making it essential for firm, smooth, healthy skin. (And as a supplement, copper has that role all over the body, supporting a healthy cardiovascular system and more).

Work colloidal copper into your routine as a supplement or skin spray each day and start getting the skin support that others swear by. As the finishing touch to good skin habits (lots of water, sleep, and sunscreen) colloidal copper helps fight fine lines, wrinkles and create firmer, younger looking skin.

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