Hand with ScarMost people just accept scars, especially older ones. But you can help your skin heal scars both old and new, naturally.

It’s actually pretty simple, it just requires a little bit of support, inside and out.

Once a wound is healed and you’re left with a scar, make sure you take a couple ongoing precautions: keep it out of the sun, and keep it moisturized. Colloidal silver has a well-known history of helping with skin wounds and healing, and you can keep using it for scar support.

Then, to start helping to reduce scar tissue, start by including a digestive enzyme in your diet, like Digest Aid. It helps with breaking down scar tissue. Make sure that your diet also includes a balance and variety of nutrients (what doesn’t a balanced diet help with?).

Next, support your scar directly. Pick your favorite oil—flaxseed oil, olive oil, coconut oil—whether it’s your general favorite or just the right one for your skin type. Massage it in, the massage will help stimulate healing and break it up scar tissue, especially if done consistently. It will help with keeping it soft and moist, and give the benefits of the oil (they each have their own).

Other things that may help scars:

-Honey, especially raw honey. It’s antibacterial and may help with healing, and may help break up scar tissue.
Colloidal silica. Silicon helps skin repair itself and is especially useful with scar tissue.
-Lavender oil is sometimes recommended for skin conditions (although some evidence says extreme use of essential oil should be avoided—like if you pick the same one in all your cosmetic products, your cleaning products, your room fresheners, and on and on).

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