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Everyone has a mood that fluctuates between highs and lows. Our genes, gut bacteria, environment, and personalities can all impact our mood—whether we’re high on life or feeling depressed. Some people have more chronic depression symptoms, while others only go through bouts of depression. Finding support and balance is important no matter what kind of depression you experience. There are many good habits that can help buffer or control mild depression symptoms. Some habits can be built into your daily routine, while others can be reached for as needed. One thing to put in your toolbox: Taking colloidal gold for depression and other mental support.

Colloidal Gold for Depression and Other Mental Health Issues

In both historic and modern times, one of the main uses of colloidal gold is as brain support. Non-ionic gold is generally safe to eat (the exception being its form: you shouldn’t eat rocks or things that won’t pass!). 

For those that experimented with gold in edible forms, they reported different mental effects, and in some traditions, considered it a tool for balancing the mind and body. They took colloidal gold for depression, anxiety, to boost themselves higher than a “normal” mental state, and even to support more specific mental health issues like an addiction!

Your Nerves and Taking Colloidal Gold for Depression

Some people think gold works by supporting the nervous system. In modern medicine, nanogold is sometimes used experimentally as an ingredient in medicines targeting arthritis, the prostate, and more. Some people have found that taking colloidal gold for arthritis is beneficial. 

Colloidal gold has antioxidant properties, which could have several positive effects throughout the body. Colloidal gold’s possible impact on nerves and inflammation are one piece of why you might choose to take colloidal gold for depression.

Historical Use: Colloidal Gold for Depression, Balance, and Meditation

Historically, Asian medicine used gold to help balance the mood and the mind. Some meditation practitioners, both then and now, think that colloidal gold (when not used excessively) can help imitate the same cloud 9 feeling you can get from meditation—a sort of peace and joy.

For meditation practitioners, this is a tool to help the mind find its path to this state—by identifying the feeling so you can find your way back.

For others, taking colloidal gold for depression and other mental stresses is a way of balancing chi, and fixing something broken or unbalanced.

Your Synapses and Taking Colloidal Gold for Depression

Some believe that colloidal gold works by supporting or improving our brain’s synaptic connections—helping our neurons talk to each other, or in practical terms, improving our focus, concentration, memory, mood, and more.

A high-quality colloidal gold like MesoGold is made of pure, non-ionic gold particles suspended in water, and those particles are incredibly tiny. The small size allows them to freely cross through cells without need of an active transport, so they can support both mind and body before being easily passed.

Reaching and possibly supporting synaptic connections in the brain is another reason taking colloidal gold for depression may be useful.

Modern Use: Colloidal Gold for Depression, Sports, Health, and More

Today, people are taking colloidal gold for many reasons. For some, they’re supporting their mental health, taking colloidal gold to steady their depression and anxiety, to sharpen their memory, concentration, and focus, and even boosting their hand-eye coordination. After all, colloidal gold isn’t banned by sporting officials! 

In sports, colloidal gold seems to be most popular among golfers (and a good round of golf does require a lot of focus, concentration, a calm steady swing, and some mental calculations about the current conditions!) and soccer players (who need a keen eye scanning the field and quick reflexes!).

Indoor-introverts like to use colloidal gold, too. Painting, wood-working, and other hobbies (which can be meditative in their own way) all benefit from a calmer mind and a steadier hand.

And while modern researchers are exploring the use of nanogold in their medications, other people are taking matters into their own hands, using colloidal gold as a complementary treatment for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and more (in addition to more common uses like using colloidal gold for depression).

Other Good Habits to Battle Depression

Taking colloidal gold for depression symptoms is an easy tool in your kit. After all, depression makes it hard to get things done, to do things for yourself, or to see the hope and value of a positive step, but it’s almost effortless to start your day with a small amount of colloidal gold.

Make sure you’re also:

  • Sleeping
  • Eating vegetables (support those good gut bacteria!)
  • Talking to someone
  • Exercising, even a little
  • Ready to seek help if it gets overwhelming

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