For hundreds of years people have used silver and gold as more than just ornament and decorations, they found that they also experienced health benefits. Colloidal gold and silver benefits extend from their properties—being antimicrobial, antioxidant, and supporting overall health.

It’s not just ancient wisdom—colloidal silver and colloidal gold are both the subject of positive studies, and have various uses within modern medicine. Silver is not only used on burns and other skin wounds, it extends the safety of devices like catheters.

What is Colloidal Gold and Colloidal Silver?

Gold and silver are generally considered safe substances, but what is colloidal gold and what is colloidal silver?

A colloid is when one thing is suspended in another. Colloidal gold and colloidal silver are pure gold and silver nanoparticles suspended in pure water. 

Colloidal gold and colloidal silver are usually taken as oral supplements. Colloidal gold and silver benefits are thought to be enhanced by small particle size and particle quantity. Quality is also important—pure nanogold and nanosilver, according to some studies, work better than ionic products.

What are Colloidal Gold Benefits?

People report that when they take colloidal gold regularly, they experience mental (and some physical) benefits.

Colloidal gold is said to enhance things like memory, creativity, focus and concentration, overall mood and energy levels, and more. Some people take colloidal gold because they experience a natural improvement to their hand-eye coordination. For others, they feel that colloidal gold supports their joints that have rheumatoid arthritis.

As part of colloidal gold and silver benefits, colloidal gold makes up the mental and mind-body support.

What are Colloidal Silver Benefits?

One of the most famous colloids, people know colloidal silver as the immune supporting supplement. Colloidal silver is also used to help minor wounds like burns, cuts, scrapes, and more heal. Commercially, silver nanoparticles are used in many products that make claims about being anti-odor or anti-microbial/germ-resistant.

At home, you can use colloidal silver many different ways. It’s safe to use as sinus support, lung support, skin support, and more as part of colloidal silver’s immune supporting benefits.

As part of colloidal gold and silver benefits, colloidal silver makes up the body and health support.

What are Colloidal Gold and Silver Benefits?

For combined colloidal gold and silver benefits, you can take colloidal gold and silver together or alongside other supportive supplements.

Together, colloidal gold and silver benefits cover the mind and body—take just colloidal gold and colloidal silver for general support, or use them as a foundation for building custom support however you want. 

With colloidal silver especially, there are so many uses you can find ways to meet your needs and customize the way you use it to be right for you.

How Did People Discover Colloidal Gold and Silver Benefits?

How did people figure out colloidal gold and silver benefits? It started with a correlation that using silver and gold—as jewelry, bowls, cups, utensils, and more, may have benefits. With further experimentation (as humans do) people eventually reported other health benefits, and better ways to turn gold and silver into a supplement.

Colloidal gold and silver benefits (compared to other gold and silver products) include their purity, efficacy, safety, and renown. Sure, there are cheaper versions, like ionic products, but true, pure colloidal gold and silver benefits can’t be beat.

Do You Need Colloidal Gold and Silver Benefits?

Once you know about colloidal gold and silver benefits, the next natural question is—do you need them?

While many people find they get optimal colloidal gold and silver benefits when they take a little each day, others find that colloidal gold and silver benefits also work as occasional boosts. If you’re new to colloids, start with daily use for a month or so and adjust to meet your needs from there.

Get colloidal gold and silver benefits by making sure you have enough on hand for everyone in your household!


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